Feudalism Research Paper

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Module 9 Key Terms
Feudalism refers to a combination of military and legal customs in European medieval and aristocratic knights that flourished between the 9th and 15th century. It explains a set of both military and judicial responsibilities among warriors, revolving around three centers, that is the vassals, lords, and fiefs/land. Feudalism does not only incorporate the seizure of the land or the kings but also concentrates on the sovereignty of the state to exercise the feudal activities such as finance, military, justice among others. Apparently, the land turned to be private properties, which also changed the state to be individual properties. As a principle, for the feudal lords to ascend to power, it was not due to the approval
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During the High Middle Ages, the serf system developed in Europe, where it continued up to the middle of the 19th century, together with the slavery, on conditions that were financially mutated or bound. The serfs used their labor to work in the states’ land or manor, where they could get protection or justice in return. At the same time, the people could acquire an additional reclamation of land, which assisted them in their livelihood. The serfdom involved some activities such as farming, mining, road construction, and agriculture. Apparently, the manor molded the elementary unit of the society under the serfdom, where the serf formed the lowest social class of the feudal community. Nevertheless, serfs are the manifold shackles in economic, legal and social relations. The group is distinct from slaves, not forgetting that the serf lords had only incomplete individual’s possession. The serfs could not execute the lords, but they had the right to discipline/punish with the sale, transfer of land, and mortgage. However, serfs were obligated to work for the lords without any compensation, where the output of their labor referred to as the property rights of the

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