Definition Of Being Human

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Although we could never really define human, there are several ways that we can describe humans. There are different ways that people can describe what it means to be human, based on their own beliefs. There is no answer because it is subjective. Some believe that in order to be a human all that is needed is a spirit; some believe somewhere in between: in order to be a human, you must have a spirit and body. For others, being human means being free and being able to make your own choices. I personally believe all three of these variables, taken together, describes what makes us human.
Essentialists theorize that having a soul is more important than merely having a physical body; they believe that the person resides in the brain, personality,
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Together, a physical body and a soul, rather than one or the other, makes us the most free. It is said that in actuality, no one is completely free. However, humans like to think that we are free and that we have the ability to make our own decisions based on free will. As humans, it is an important part of our life to make decisions on a daily basis in order to live our lives, even if we are not completely free. Even with hard determinists, who say that everything is already fixed or predetermined either by God or fate, there are the soft determinists who believe that we can change or determine the course of events by using our free will. I believe that, soft determinism plays a big role in our lives. I do believe we have some freedom to an extent, or at least it seems that way to me. Even if what happens in our lives really is predetermined, I feel that I can make day to day decisions, such as what I am going to wear or who I am going to become friends with, on my own. I strongly believe that being able to feel like you have free will, even if it may be an illusion, makes us human.
The question, what does it mean to be human, is very complex; there is no single, correct answer. In all, to be human, to me, means having a spirit where all of your thoughts and ideas reside, as well as having a physical body so you can experience physical things and you can make the choices you want to. Without a physical body, you may still be “you”, but you will not able to experience or execute things as you did

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