Definition Essay: The Meaning Of Life Is Happiness

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The meaning of life is happiness. Why is it? It is because happiness is something that every single human being always wants in life. For the majority of people, happiness is the journey and the final goal to archive. The desire to seek happiness is almost automatically formed into our brains since we were born until we die. In other words, happiness is for us as same as the goal of every moment of our existence.
Happiness includes not only our own personal happiness, but also the happiness of others. Happiness seems contagious. When we are happy, we can definitely make others around us to become happy too, and the effect spreads out. When we are happy, we think clearer, act nicer, work better, and live longer. The energy and the happiness that are gained from our actions make our life
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As long as we are still alive, we still experience negative feelings, and that cannot be avoided. Negative feelings are all around. However, Viktor E. Frankl misses the point that we all can recognize that suffering is only a fact, a part of human life. Pain, loss, sadness, or other negative feelings are never our target to reach as our success or our goal in the entire life. So we can only consider that suffering creates the meaning of some existential situations in some point of human life, not the meaning of human’s life as a whole.
Overall, happiness is the meaning of life because we all want happiness as the final goal for our life. Although there are some people who might think about "the meaning of life" in different ways, as long as human beings are still continuously seeking happiness in every moment of their existence, happiness is still the main factor that makes human life

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