Personal Essay: The Definition Of A Good Life

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Being happy is the definition of the good life for me. Personally, if you are happy then you are doing what you want to be doing. There are many factors that can lead to being happy. Some of my factors are being free, healthy, and successful. I honestly believe that being free can be interpreted in many ways. But for me, being free is a key to having a good life. If you are trapped in jail or even in someones property, is that a good life? It is not. Having freedom is one factor that everyone should have and get in order to live their lives. Health, of course health has to be important. If you are not healthy, how can you live? We have to have a health balance in order to live comfortable. Last but not least, success. If you do not have anything to do with your life, are you really happy? You need to satisfy what ever need you need in order to have a successful life. Even if it …show more content…
But also, a bit different. Martin Luther King has a view with goals and how people have to complete them without having someone interfering. Lao Tzu has a view of taking day by day. One belief is more in the present when the other is more of the future. That is why in this case, I am more leaned towards Lao Tzu ideology. I agree with Lao Tzu more than Martin Luther King belief because I am someone who do not like to think a lot about their future. I like to take day by day at a time. For example, I have ideas on how I would want my future to be but I do not depend on that idea. Both individual do not necessarily disagree with each other. I believe both of their intentions are the same because they both look for light in the future. I personally believe that they would agree with each other at a certain extent. King might argue how we need to know what we want and do anything in our power to do whatever. Meanwhile, Tzu can say that he would just let life go its way. That is how I can see these two go head to head with each

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