Martin Luther King And Simone De Beauvoir Essay

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Martin Luther King and Simone De Beauvoir have few things in common; King being a prominent Baptist Minister and activist in the African American Civil Rights Movement and Beauvoir being an advocate for feministic philosophers and feminist theories. While it seems like they would come from opposite ends of any spectrum and lived overlapping lives in time, their biggest collective commonality was that they both were face with oppressions in their time. Simone du Beauvoir being faced with being a woman and wanting to achieve more than what was thought allowed for her at that time, or King, wanting white people to accept black as their equal, wanting equal rights for all colors. They were both a radical in their generation, but both wanted more from society. They were faced with hardships that they fought through to demand society to be better, to be more accepting of everyone, no matter what the social outcome would be for either of them. I believe Beauvoir and King both faced their oppression with nonviolence and believe it to be the best way out of oppression; since oppression comes from fear (the oppressors fear the oppressed will take something from them such as money, wealth or power) therefore, if the oppressed used violence against their oppressors it would confirms the oppressors that they were right to be afraid. Nonviolence is a slower way of achieving change but in the end, is more likely to be sustainable and non-disruptive.
The first question to be asked is why…

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