Definition And Objection Of The Passive Optical Network

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1. Abstract
The Passive Optical Networks (PON) is the network which is most popular in fiber network access systems. The abstract states the actual concept of Passive optical Network it's importance. It also implies the Definition and explanation of ONT(Optical Network Terminal), ONU, FTTH-BPON and FTTH-GEPON systems in FTTx premises.
2. Objectives
The key objectives of the lab are :
• Learning Fiber to the home - BPON and Fiber to the home - GEPON systems.
• To process the layer 2 internet services in Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) FTTH using OLT CLI command and FTTH U2000 client-server and monitoring the performance of fiber optic media.
• [1] The main motive for this lab is to introduce and investigate the information of
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I. If the splitter is the 32-way splitter then the minimum power loss would be 16.5 dB. The reason for this can be done with following ways :

i. For instance, if we are testing a 1x2 power splitter, then there is just one other port to test, but in case of 1 x32 splitter, you have to switch the source 32 times and record the results on the reader or the meter.

ii. And By the calculation method by using the formula given below :
SR = (Pi/Pt) x 100 , IL = -10 x log(SR/100) + Le

Activity 2
After Reading the hardware description document and examining the OLT Rack I had found out the number of components placed in the server room.
I. The OLT Rack consists of :
1. Two Shelves :
Shelf 0 which has the presence of OLT. and Shelf 1 which has nothing inside it.
2. For the cabinet there are two types of external connections :
a. Overhead Cables b. Underflow Cables
3. The FAN over temperature can be found out when the LED glows Red.
4. There are total 23 slots on the service shelf.
5. There are seven types of service boards Found in Board list (1/2) in shelf with slots 1-8 and 11-18 :
• P2P Service
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• We can calculate a maximum number of ONT's and ONU's on an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) with the help of splitter. For instance, A 1:8 splitting ratio will have :

a. Number of users: 8
b. Power: 12.50
c. Insertion Loss : -9

Activity 3
To analyze the OLT Unit we were supposed to use putty.exe for the serial console using Telnet as a protocol and U2000 Client as a graphical user interface (GUI).
1. To go to the user mode first we need to login as the following step :
• Username: user04
• Password: user1234

The User Mode

• To enter the privilege mode from user mode type "enable"
• The step to get the global config mode from the privilege mode just type

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