Definition And Definition Of Education Essay

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Definition of Education
Did you know that the internet has books for you to read? So what is the definition of education even mean in 2016? Well in the online dictionary, education is described as a “Process of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning, judgment, and generally preparing oneself for mature life”. To be considered “educated” people are required to know how to work the computer, their cell phones, Ipads even books... any device that can store information wherever you go. On that note the internet is very interesting, every website is created by humans mainly educated ones actually but that does not mean everything on the computer is correct. There are different ways of learning whether it is from a book, computer, family, school or personal experience. Everyone is educated in their own way but society has higher expectations, that creates walls between those who meet the requirements and those who do not.
Education today has developed around the new technology, that keeps coming out every other day. Books are not as used as much in schools unless you 're taking a foreign language or need extra sources for projects. Books do help widen our knowledge “Those that read have higher GPA’s...No matter what you’re wanting to do or become, you can’t do it without more knowledge. Reading is an excellent way to get where you’re wanting to go” (Stansberry). Books play a big part of learning especially in elementary school that is how we are able to…

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