Argumentative Essay On Banning Book Censorship

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There is nothing that comes close to reading a great book; the way it opens the mind to imagine, question, and understand particular information. Although many books display valid points and messages, it is understandable why some people or parents become offended by certain topics or specific parts of the book, because of their personal viewpoints and beliefs. However, this should not give anyone the liberty to censor books. What else will you hide from adolescents by censoring books? Banning a book indicates banning education and ideas. Moreover, what happened to the freedom of speech and press?

As a matter of fact, education is deeper than just math and science. Books grant people the opportunity to allow their minds wander and assimilate new information. If you love reading books, then you would understand when I say, "Books transfer readers to a diverse universe, enabling them to soothe their minds and worries for
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However, there are still people out there who are set on censoring books. If you genuinely care about freedom, then why would you ban books? Aren't you depriving individuals of their freedom? After all, we human beings that seek comfort, happiness, and acceptance; we have the privilege to make choices, to speak, and to read. Some people grow anxious while speaking in front of others, or other individuals merely ignore their concepts. Hence people write poems and stories; it gives them the power to utilize their voice without being disregarded or overwhelmed by nervousness, and it permits them to cascade their thoughts on a paper, including a concealed message beneath the sentences. Moreover, It is unbelievably captivating to read topics that engulf you emotionally and physically. Consequently, when people keep on pressing on the matter that the government should censor books, you are taking away their freedom of press and speech. No individual has the right to do

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