Essay on Defining The Complete Moral Problem

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Define the Complete Moral Problem:
Step 1: State the Moral Problem
Is the operation of Airbnb ethically permissible, given that this online marketplace offers travelers, from over 191 countries, unique and cheaper alternatives to hotels, allows host to make extra money for their mortgage or other necessities, benefits economies around the world by helping local businesses and causing the flow of cash throughout the area, which are all arguments that Airbnb and it’s board of directors offers, while at the same time previously failing to protect hosts from property damage, having no definite policy regarding privacy as most evidenced by no ban on the filming of guests, facilitating racial discrimination with little accountability, negatively affecting communities throughout the world with issues such as housing shortages, and dominating the hospitality industry from an unlevel playing field caused by different legal and tax regulations as well the need for fewer resources?
Step 2: Characterize the Moral Problem
The moral dilemma of Airbnb profiting off their consumers while failing to completely protect them can be characterized as consumer protection. For Airbnb, consumers are separated as hosts and guests. The dilemma regarding hosts occurs when they are susceptible to property damage. A specific example involved a guest who flushed beauty products into the toilet of a condo causing an overflow of water. This resulted in $10,000 worth of damages for the host. It should be…

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