Wildlife Management Essay

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Throughout the history of deer hunting in the United States, management tactics have rarely been taken advantage of. However, in recent years outdoorsmen across the nation have been driven by their passion of wildlife to begin implementing new, more sustainable practices. Wildlife management in the hunting industry stems from multiple sources, whether it be the pursuit of larger antlers or simply the need to put meat in the freezer. Nevertheless, the foundation of any program remains to be the same, a shared love of animals. The mistake numerous people make when starting a new program is not conducting the proper research ahead of time, which in a majority of cases, compromises success. In order to start a successful Whitetail management program, …show more content…
A 1:6 ratio in bucks to does is considered a healthy number on any given property. Due to the fact that does form a vast majority of the population, antlerless deer harvest is of highest priority and is the most effective way to balance current numbers.(Murphy) Maintaining a desired gender toll can only be done by harvesting the surplus from the population from year to year. Trophy hunters desire a lesser difference in the sex ratio for their property which means they are more likely to harvest a greater number does per year in view of the fact that this goes hand in hand with leveling the gender scale the following …show more content…
Due to advances in technology, combines have become efficient to the point where fields are left essentially barren after harvest. This is where the landowner must take action and provide sources of nutrition. Food plots are one of the greatest resources to have in an arsenal when it comes to management techniques. Any modest clearing with trees under 6-10 inches can easily be turned into a food plot. Soil should be the first priority. Soil samples will determine whether the ground is suitable to be used, what type of fertilizer should be spread, and which crops will grow healthiest.(The Most Important Thing) If crops are planted in unfruitful soil they will grow poorly and taste disagreeable, in-turn deer will not eat them causing the plot to be a waste of time, effort, and money. (The Most Important

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