Decolonization Of Race Essay

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The decolonization of Race:
The definition color line
Racism and economic injustice still remains one of the top subjects that has been discussed throughout the world’s history. Voices of Decolonization a brief history with documents by Todd Shepard thoroughly examines the roots of these issues and concerns. In the preface to that work Shepard claims that decolonization repeatedly intersected with two other issues in the twentieth century. American writer and activist W.E.B. DuBois intersected his definition of “color line” with decolonization as seen in this volume. The concept of the color-line refers essentially to the role that society generally plays in race and racism in history.
Du Bois examines and incorporates questions of race and
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Though social changes have occurred they were in no way connected to with any changes in racial types. Mixing races does not cause some form of bad results from a biological stand point. The social results from mixing races can be traced back to the sociological factors whether these connections are good or bad. Biological differences between ethnic groups do not pertain to the problems that social and political organization, moral life, and communication between human beings a part of different can bring.
Racism has historical roots that have reached back to ancient times and unfortunately reached the modern-day times that are currently being lived however racism has not has not been a general phenomenon. Many contemporary societies and cultures little very little history in terms of racism and have no way to trace it. Racism was not evident for long periods in world history and this is what cause so much controversy for our country that created the “color line”. Many forms of racism have ascended out of the circumstances of subjugation as exemplified in

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