Essay on Decision Making Of A New Chest Pain Center

1645 Words Jun 13th, 2016 null Page
Decision making tools are a vital aspect of the business industry. Such tools and processes afford managers in the healthcare industry and other business entities the opportunity to systematically evaluate a problem, find a solution, and evaluate the effectiveness of the end result. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast two different decision making processes and elucidate the steps involved that are currently being utilized to determine the need for expansion of a new chest pain center within the Emergency Room of a large, busy hospital. Therefore, the Rational Decision Making Model Process will be compared to the Creative Decision Making Model Process as they both are being utilized during this decision making task. Of note, the creative model is somewhat intertwined with an intuitive approach. The tool felt most likely to be effective in determining the final decision will be discussed. Finally, the tool that will most likely be utilized while making additional decisions will be proffered. Decision Making Process Decision making skills are imperative to operating effectively within an organization. As such, it is vital that persons in leadership capacity strategically apply decision making concepts to the problem at hand, while attempting to engage stakeholders in the process (Ballantyne, 2011).. The steps taken in this decision making process will be considered. According to Wang (2000), there are several steps involved in decision making that…

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