Decision Decisions Making Decision Making Essay

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Programmed decisions involve routine and are continuously repetitive. These decisions are usually looked upon as a process. Same events that occur will have the same programmed decision outcome. Unlike programmed decisions that already give you a set response to an action, un programmed decisions are complex and relies heavily on the person decision making. Highly planned and structured businesses often turn their heads upon un programmed decisions. Based upon a businesses experience, larger and more successful companies designed routine decisions so employees would never have to encounter a difficult decisions making process. Employees will be well aware of the outcome of their decisions making and not be left in ore (DuBrin, pg. 152).

Decisions making is not always considered rational because there are several different factors. Decisions making consists of limitations involving processing and recall of information. Bounded rationality is often referred to as the combination of people’s mental abilities and their external influences, which prevent them from making rational decisions. Satisficing decision is an initiative taken when limited time or resources is involved in decision making. A minimum standard in satisfaction is often accepted because successful managers understand that it is extremely difficult to fully understand every possible fact before making a decision. Limited satisfaction is met through satisficing decision. Simplified strategies known as…

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