Succession Planning Research Paper

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Having the right people in the right position is one of the most important things a company can hope for. Many companies and organizations are unable to implement a plan that will help to satisfy and help their employees. Old systems are still being used to help implement future leaders of the company. Succession planning is one of the many ways employees satisfaction in the organization can be accomplished and it can be a vast benefit to organizations motivated on the long term. Succession planning is the process of ensuring that potential successors within a business or organization are identified and groomed in anticipation for future vacant positions (Dessler, 1999).

The foremost objective of succession planning is to maintain that stability
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Not all companies go about developing a succession plan the same way. I hope to find out what is so important in succession and career planning and some the things that can affect whether is a good or bad plan. From what I was able to find, there are different plans for different companies. Some use coding, while others use surveys. There is no one perfect succession planning process, but there are some things that they have in common. Successful succession management and career planning seems to be a very important factor in succession planning, and I feel that it is the best and easiest way to help in an organizations …show more content…
Groves found that two common themes emerged. The managers felt that avoiding the replacement approach to succession planning by adopting a long term perspective on identifying and developing leadership talent throughout the organization; and fully engaging managerial personnel in the talent identification and codification process were both very important (Groves, 2007). Managers are very important in the succession planning. Properly trained managers can help with the transition process that will take effect once they have moved on from, or up in the organization. Smoothly making the transition is important not only to the employee’s growth and abilities, but also the company’s ability to maintain its structures and habits that have already been successful for the previous manager. This author discusses the importance of succession planning from a manager’s point of view and responsibility. Managers want to have people on their teams that want to be there and want to work. With the right career plan, managers will be able to have a better understanding of the team they have and how to progress their careers to keep them with the

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