Deborah Brandt 's Sponsors Of Literacy Essay

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I became literate at a very young age around one or two years old and people could understand what I wanted. For example, bolitas (meant balls in Spanish) cooked beans and no bolitas was refried beans. I had a way of commutating with my family but sometimes I would forget what the word was and I used to describe the item itself. They would eventually understand what I mean. Unlike one of the cases in Deborah Brandt’s Sponsors of Literacy, I did not have a tutor or anything like that. However, I did have resources at my disposal, such as my biggest influences. My biggest influences were my mother, my grandma, and school, to put it in a short context.
My mother used to read to me when I was little. Literature was not really a big deal in my house, but I had books of course. I really never felt any interested in them unless I got to see the pictures. Pictures were always the most interesting to see. I loved to ‘read’ “The Cat in The Hat” by Dr. Seuss because of how the cat was all over the place in the story. “Green Eggs and Ham," was also one of my favorites and I always thought the green eggs were always weird. That’s why during nap time at pre-school I could not sleep but I would like to sit and read or least look at the pictures in the books.
To top it all off, the English language was not my first language. I was born here, yes but that did not stop my grandma from teaching me to speak Spanish. My mother was either working or not home, and I would always be with my…

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