Death of My Father Essays

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It is difficult to write about how one will face their own death when it weighs heavily on my mind lately. Last year my father became ill and in March had to have a serious surgery. We thought that it would ease his pain and it did for a few weeks. Then the pain returned with no explanation. In August my mother woke me up one morning to tell me that my father had again returned to the ER and that the nurse told her it was serious enough for the kids to be informed and to come home. During my eight hour drive all I could think about was that I was not ready to lose my father. How does one prepare for such an event is all I could think about during the drive.
Over the years my father has had health issue pertaining to his heart. A
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According to Feldman (2014), “Death is an experience that will happen to all of us at some time, as universal to the human condition as birth” (p.597). While I know that this will happen to me, I am not sure I could handle it as graciously as my father. I truly believe he knew he was going to die. I knew it the night before that it was likely and I suffered with anxiety. It is not because I didn’t know where he was going, but for what I was losing. I believe that we will all suffer some of that as well. I do not think that anyone wants to leave another person, even with knowledge that they will see them again. I believe that my father went through Kubler-Ross’ stages of death, however I do not believe he shared them with us as his children (Feldman, 2014). I know that over the year of his sickness I went through all these stages and when he did pass I was accepting. I have had some sad moments, but I knew that the suffering had ended. If the roles were reversed, I believe that after an entire year of extreme pain, I would be tired. I would welcome death and the joy of reuniting with the Lord and my family that went before me. I would experience some sadness at what I am leaving behind, and anxiety for the unknown, but it would be a welcome relief.
The verse that my dad gave us in remembrance of him, by quoting it and seeing it everywhere is Romans 8:28 (King James Version) “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to

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