Death Without Death Essay

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humans, no need to worry about predators or any driving force that could cause death. Communications would not be created as faster as there are no threats or strong need to communicate. Weapons would have no purpose as war and crimes would be unnecessary as one cannot take the life of another if there is no way to take a life. The Younger generation would suffer the most. The younger generations will have to fight an uphill battle because the older generations have the upper hand of knowledge. Knowledge would be key and the elder would control all the power. When humans have matured, the population with the highest education will remain in power. There is no limit to how long the older generation will rule, until they fell they must retire …show more content…
Culture needs death to change. There are many cultures around the world, and in every culture, death has impacted the culture. Ranging from fables to medicine culture always incorporated death. In ever culture, people either embrace death with open arms or do everything in the cultures community to get as far away from death as possible by finding ways to promote their lifetime. A culture changes when people around them die. Depending on how the culture views death. The pole that have contributed the most the the culture or have a high value are written into the cultures history and they contributions to the culture can be recalled when needed, which would avoid the process of having to find a solution that has already been created. Medicine is an example, in some culture’s medicine for illnesses are often looked upon to prolong life and are changed to fit the illnesses or diseases. Death drives the people in the culture to find cures for diseases and sickness in some cultures, but in others they might let the person heal naturally and see if they will make it alive. Without the changes in culture, there would be no variation in people, and certain advancements in society such as medicine, sciences, and math would not evolve, because there would be no need to know any of the possibilities if there was no death in culture. For change to happen in culture is a necessity, therefore death is a necessity to life, which would make the fear of death

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