Death Penalty Essay

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Maira De Leon
Professor Bell
ENG 1102
July 27th, 2015
Right Denied: The Effects Being Ignored Death by lethal injection, death by electrocution, or any form of the death penalty given that people find to be fit for capital crimes is not a human’s right. We as humans do not have the right to end someone’s life based on the fact that they committed a crime. We have to take into accountability the countless amounts of lives that are impacted by this. Even on the international level, there are hundreds of countries who have abolished the death penalty completely. There is more to this than others think, yet they do not take the time to research or study the adverse effects of what this kind of punishment can cause. The death penalty
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Personally, I do not understand how those of us who worship a God who in human life suffered capital punishment can support the death penalty; I think that life imprisonment without any possibility of parole should be a sufficient "deterrent." The Episcopal Church has consistently opposed capital punishment. The human race does not have the right to take anyone’s life no matter the circumstance. In reality, if you come into this world, commit a crime, and then have your life taken away by the hands of another human is just inexplicable. There is more than one life at stake when the execution happens. There are law makers and judges who do not see past the fact that a criminal will be off of the streets. They do not see the effects it takes on the children, the mothers, fathers, wives and husbands who have to suffer because their loved one has been taken away from them forever. Death by lethal injection and electrocution is inhumane. These two forms of taking a person’s life are extremely and excruciatingly painful. They let these people suffer this much during the execution rather than just letting the inmates sit in jail and passing away not necessarily peacefully, but with no pain surging through their bodies. Families and friends suffer the most when a family member is

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