Death Penalty Is The Best Option For Ohio Essay

1420 Words Nov 16th, 2015 6 Pages
A former Cincinnati resident was ordering his last meal before execution in prison when the governor reversed his sentence because the DNA on his shoes did not match the blood of the victim. A Cleveland man was freed from his death sentence after serving forty years when a witness confessed to lying during the trial about seeing the murder. A man from Akron was spared from execution after officials confirmed that he was mentally disabled and contained the mind of a second-grader. (Johnson and Wagner, 2015) Capital punishments consist of being sentenced to civil death or execution. Many arguments and debates have risen about the whether the death penalty or life in prison without parole is the best option for Ohio. Cost of punishments, fairness and sureness of the sentences, and the impact of those involved are the reason of the debates. Several national polls taken in 2014 showed that when given the choice between death and life in prison, the results were nearly split. (Johnson and Wagner, 2015) For instance, the death penalty is thought to be an effective punishment for horrific capital crimes. Issues have arose with this method of punishment although. To demonstrate, the cost of execution is outrageous. According to the Public News Service, Ohio spends an average of at least $17 million a year on capital cases. This is money that could be used elsewhere for other crime prevention priorities. These trials are so expensive that many counties cannot afford to have…

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