Hammurabi Code

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A life for a life was the slogan for the law codes invented during Hammurabi 's era in 1700 BCE. As a species, the human race 's philosophy has changed since then in more ways than imaginable. Unfortunately, Hammurabi 's Code is still believed to be a correct way of discipline. Although the death penalty has endured the test of time, in an advanced and cultured society it is no longer a reasonable form of punishment due to moral, economic, and social reasons. The United States practices playing the role of God by deciding who lives and dies, by doing so, one can see how immoral giving a death sentence is. It is believed that “killing a person to show killing is wrong” is an immoral message... [and will] lead to an endless cycle of revenge.” …show more content…
To showcase just how far states will go to execute a person, Maryland spent 186 million extra to carry out just five executions. Also,states have concluded that death penalty cases are up to 10 times more expensive than comparable non-death penalty cases. (“Wasteful and Inefficient: The Alarming Cost of the Death Penalty.”) some people may think that if a prisoner lives for forty years, it will cost the same as a death penalty case, but this has been disproved. An average prisoner that lives for 40 years totals the costs of death row trials, but when housing is included, then more and more money is spent in comparison. In the long run, “ it costs more to house death row inmates, who are held in segregated sections, in individual cells, with guards delivering everything to them.”(“Pros &Cons: The Death Penalty – The Pros and Cons) But why should Americans worry about someone that will be dead before they decide to care? Death sentence cases are funded by increasing taxes and cutting services like police and highway funding, with county budgets bearing the brunt of the burden. (“Wasteful and Inefficient: The Alarming Cost of the Death Penalty.”) Thousands of dollars are allotted to be spent on a death row case and their special treatment. Thousand of dollars are funneled into a useless cause because fallow minds have not grown …show more content…
Denmark, an economic success story, has “ blocked the sale of its sodium pentobarbital drug, Nembutal, for executions, saying that lethal injection was a “distressing misuse” of the drug” (“ Death Penalty.”) The most culturally advanced societies have abolished the malevolent ideology of “a life for a life” and by the U.S still clinging on to barbaric old ways, our nation is being looked down upon. Capital punishment even fails to solve the problem of crime. It was believed that if a severe punishment was put in place, the crime rates would lower. Furthermore, the mind of a killer is a complicated world to understand, but statistics collected from over three decades has concluded that whether or not criminals face the threat of death seemed to does not have a great effect on their behavior. Not only in the United States does capital punishment fail to deter crime, but in other countries too. Hong Kong, Where capital punishment was abolished in 1993, and Singapore that still practices it to a larger extent than the United States, have the same crime rates. (Ehren Freund, Max)If crime will still say the same, then why should executions continue? But the most inexcusable fact is the murdering of teenagers. It is abominable that the United

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