Death Of The Night By Anna Belle Kaufman Essay

1000 Words Dec 2nd, 2014 null Page
Death! No one can really say what it is. There are many different views about death of each person. Some think death is the end of life. Some think death is actually the beginning of a new life. Death is something no one can give a full description about. It is a mystery. In most of the time, humans do not like a mystery. On the other hand, many people make up a reason for them to overcome their fear of death. In a heart touching article, "Things That Went Bump In The Night", Anna Belle Kaufman tells readers a touching story about the death of her five-year-old son and how it affected her and her family. Kaufman always gets haunted by the story she read about, a mother who is willing to follow Death down into the grave. She could not understand why the mother would do that, but now, after the death of her own son, Kaufman says: “I would welcome a haunting"(Kaufman, 54). Death is the only way for her to see her son again. Just like Kaufman, everyone has their own reason to say they are not afraid of death. If one day someone knows that they are going to die soon, will they still think they are ready to die? A mother will do anything for her children. It is very understandable how Kaufman, as a mother, is not afraid to follow Death down to the grave. For Kaufman, dying becomes more meaningful since it means she gets to see her child again. She is not afraid to die anymore since now she has a reason to die if she has to. Also for some people, if their death is meaningful,…

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