Death of a Salesman Analysis Essay

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November 10, 2012
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Death of a Salesman Essay

Like Father Like Son

In Arthur Miller’s play, Death of a Salesman, Miller reveals what happens when a dream, especially the American dream, dies, as seen through the life of Willy Loman, a pathetic, self-deluded salesman. The play follows the family through painful conflicts, significant issues such as national values, and the price of blind fate while working toward the ‘American Dream’. The major problem woven into the plot discusses how Willy, insufficiently, attempts to be able to die ‘the death of a salesman’, both wealthy and comfortable. In this play, the American character is criticized because the play emphasizes how children are a result of their parents modeling by
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Biff recognizes cheating to be adequate because Willy basically encourages it. On the contrary, had Willy been a good role model, these emotions should be inversed. Willy should feel resentment because Biff cheated, but he instead he finds disappointment in the fact that Biff was not able to appear successful. Willy’s actions continue to influence the boys on the subject of philandering. Willy cheats on Linda, his timid wife, which gives Biff and Happy the impression that not respecting women is common. When Biff and Happy are alone in their old bedroom recalling past memories from their glory days, Happy chuckles, “About five hundred women would like to know what was said in this room” (20) to which Biff agrees. This shows them following in the footsteps of their father. Nearing the end of the book Biff comes to realize that Willy’s influence has majorly affected his character, and this affronts him. He angrily screams “You know why I had no address for three months? I stole a suit in Kansas City and I was in jail….I stole myself out of every good job in high school….And I never got anywhere because you blew me so full of hot air I could never stand taking orders from anybody! That’s whose fault it is!” (131). At this point in the play Biff becomes fed up with the actions of his father, and is resentful of how they rubbed off on him. In The Death of a Salesman, due to Willy Loman his sons believe that lying,

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