The Importance Of Death In Death Of A Salesman

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On the edge of life Negative life experiences can lead a person into depression and then ultimately suicidal thoughts. Humans that struggle through basic necessities of life are in harsh conditions and this will result in having no desire to live. People that are unsuccessful with their careers or with maintaining the bond in a family, tend to be unhappy in their life. In the play Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman’s struggles in life makes suicide inevitable for him proving that depression in life and abandonment from family can lead one into harsh decisions. Willy Loman’s life has lead him into being a depressed person. Becoming a salesman is not only Willy’s profession, but it is also his passion. Yet he struggled …show more content…
Although Willy loves his sons dearly, he is unable to get loved by them. When Biff calls Willy a “phony little fake” (Miller 121), Willy can not restrain that memory. He is not able to bear the fact that he is alone responsible for his son’s failure. “Depressed people have a tendency to blame themselves for the bad things that happen to them” (Silverstein 63). Willy is also in this state of guilt. He knows that Biff flunking math is his fault and just because of him, his son was unable to receive post-secondary education. Guilt is a difficult feeling to live with because a person’s conscience does not let them live in peace. When Willy returns to reality, he finds that “[his] boys left with the chippies” (Miller 121). Willy’s sons have abandoned their old father in a restaurant. At this point, Willy must feel unloved and uncared. When a person becomes so lonely, thoughts of suicide occur. Even though a person’s family cares about the life of their loved one, a person feeling left out may not think about that. Willy “has been involved in several inexplicable automobile accidents, and he has perhaps planned to asphyxiate himself” . . . (Lerner 45). When there is nothing worth living for a person will want to commit suicide. Linda supported Willy throughout his tough times but perhaps he did not think about her feelings. Willy has lost the quality of his life which is causing him to give up his life. After being abandoned in the restaurant, Willy asks “is there a seed store in the neighbourhood” (Miller 122)? This implies that Willy needs to start again with his family. Earlier in the play Linda tells Willy that the flowers will not grow because there is not enough sunlight. Despite this, Willy wants to plant seeds, and this indicates that he is not happy with his life. Willy is always setting goals that are unrealistic. A simple example of this would even be to expect

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