Death Of A Good Life Essay

1140 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Death Will Happen, Why be Helpless Must death be painful, when the end is imminent, why lay and wither away? “It is not completely crazy for us to suppose that a good life can be capped by a good death,” said professor John Lachs, “or that a good life can be capped with a horrible death over many months.” (“A Good Life..”) No matter the circumstance, a respectable death should always be the priority. Every day people are diagnosed with terminal illness, where help is futile, and the only thing left to do is worry about amenity and arrange for the end. Although, when the point is reached where every day is spent writhing in pain, in some time it will come to an end, why should that choice not be in their hands? United States citizens have civil rights in life, but are we not also concerned with these liberties in death, who should decide the standards for these civil amendments? People are born, live, and die once; the choice should be with them, it is a step toward freedom of the individual, while helping stop unnecessary and disheartening suicides. People maintain an appearance and cling to it; it is just the nature of our species, to allow a death which upholds what is sought for, should be counted as an achievement. For a death on the terms of a person, before the body is fragile and prudent, what is the impact on the family when the last sight is crushing instead of noble? "My birth mother (who also has Huntington 's) has been plugged into a wall for the last eight…

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