Hormesis's Concept Of Longevity

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Since the dawn of time man has struggled with the concept of death: It is a dilemma that has caused concern and turmoil to many. Our brains riddle us questions concerning death, regardless of how inevitable the event may be. The not knowing when it will happen, how it will happen or whether we have enough time in our hands. Yet every day we have new hope of a longer lives; new innovations and medications. We may not be able to achieve immortality this very moment, but we can settle for the next best thing: longevity. Nonetheless, before longevity comes health. We must first conquer the intangible ways of our health, if we wish to live a little longer. This is where Hormesis comes in. Hormesis is a theory that has had its ups and downs in the …show more content…
However, there is an important question that remains to be answered. Given Hormesis’s definition are there more than one type of hormesis? There are two types of the Hormesis’s process Inhibitory and Stimulating. Inhibitory is the process that prevents the developing of certain processes within an organism. An example of this is when cancer is proliferating in an organism and we use Chemotherapy to kill these mutated cells and prevent it from advancing in stages. This is achieved by increasing the dose of the actually substance (Arsenic Trioxide) well beyond what a healthy individual should be exposed to. On the other hand, you have stimulation. This is when a repair process is stimulated by creating small wounds in a biological process. An example of this is the re-coding of DNA in a cell that has been introduced a substance at a low enough level in which the damage is not irreversible. Which possess an important question: “If all things are poisons and nothing Is without poison” (Paracelsus 1541), then do carcinogens

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