Bioethics In Judalism

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I was raised by a Jewish stepfather for some it’s weird to hear that since Jews don’t get marry to divorce woman since the link of marriage is never broken according to Jewish law (Rich, 1996-2011). Moreover, I always ask question about everything and I often asked him that if I could have surgery, tattoo, or get a pierce just for him to react angry saying that my body is not mine but is Gods temple so I never even search online why not?. My major is biology because I want to become a doctor and in my eyes surgery are just that a simple surgery for people to feel young, beautiful, and feel better about themselves. But for Jewish community bioethics it is a concern and it’s not only about surgery but also the
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Now with the new improvement we now have the means to change, live longer, adjust and tamper with life, but to what degree should it be done. The Jewish community has their own rules, interpretation, and action about what should be done and what should not. The Jewish community instead of not having answer they are well inform and know that life is a gift and it should be taken care of but it has a limit but as well they don’t have all the answer it is impossible. “Judaism was and is life-affirming”, life focused on religion and life has a priceless value, and bioethics is a crucial Jewish concern. Even if the medical possibilities grow as the time passes the issues their religion have with bioethics will always be the same. In addition, the interpretation to their teaching as well differ, but their custom offers moral and ethical insights in how to use to deal with …show more content…
We have to ask ourselves how do the formulate answer and how is the Jewish ethics can and evolves to deals with new dilemmas that arise each time with the fast improvement of science in a general perspective and medicine. As a biology major even I have to ask myself how ethics does and religion will affect my future. If I ask myself those question I imagine that sometimes it is not easy to formulate answer to a religion that has exist for more than 1,000 years and tries to maintain their roots and rules. One of the famous verses and sources of ethical principles for the Judaism community come of from a famous verse of Micha as rules for a good and correct life. He remains them that an ethical life needs their spirit to be humble, helpful, and just. Jew obtain their moral values straight form the Hebrew bible since I was thought in class Jewish kids were only educated using the bible as their source. What they learn, think and understand comes from learning what is written in the bible. Their moral law is refer to as the Torah and its values are somewhat similar to other monotheistic religion which

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