Death Beyond Death : Paper Books

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Death Beyond Death: Paper Books

Paper books exist from ancient times up until today. Books have a long history, and it is unclear of when the first book was made. This long lasting legacy still remains today. There is a major debate on whether or not paper books will be extinct or not. However, people seem to misinterpret the debate. Paper books did not vanish because people are not using it anymore, but paper books are decreasing because not many people use it. The decrease in the usage of printed books were caused by innovation and advancement in technology, positive characteristics of electronic books compared to paper books, and social trends. The innovation and advancement in technology over time caused a significant decrease in the usage of printed books. Studies show, “The recent emergence of e-readers and electronic books (e-books) has brought the death of the book to the centre of current debates on new media” (Ballatore, Andrea, and Simone 1). Since electronic books became the sensation of the century, more emphasis was put onto the electronic books. This sparked an unsolved debate on the decrease of printed books. Technology gives new meanings to society, “And while booklovers may still love their books, while choosing to ignore what computers and screens could mean to the world of words, a new generation is already bypassing print for electronic alternatives, choosing to get all or most of its information from the web” (Gomez 14). The electronic books have by…

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