Essay on Dead Meat

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The new technology that is breaking through the agriculture and farming industry right now is in-vitro meat products. This new break through technology could bring the end of your tradition cattle or any type of meat raised mammal farm. in-vitro Meat is the new upcoming trend that will be hitting the science labs rather than the fields across America. This artificial meat will revolutionize the food industry; the future flesh will be scientifically created and can produce a variety of meats. This biological creation will be a mere cloning process mass-producing food at a more efficient and environmentally friendly way. Although people at first are generally against artificially made food, the prices will be too hard to pass up with the …show more content…
The safe alternative of IVM meat will leave the population at no other choice to choose the safer route when eating their protein. Farmers then realize that the industry is finally dead. Urbanization will drastically increase as farmers will move away from rural areas in seek of a new job. Rural real estate will plummet which will start a boom in the economy allowing for growth in different areas of the country. Now you say, “What will happen to all the farmers who have no jobs?” Well in fact they have already thought that out! The farmers will be utilized as techies and designers of the new in-vitro meat farms. With no real lose on either side of the party this has nothing but positives associated with it, economy up rises while farmers transition into a more modern way of producing meat. Another advantage in-vitro brings to the table is healthier human beings. in-vitro meat will be one hundred percent muscle. It will eliminate the entire artery clogging saturated fats that are found in meat today. This is inevitable to happen now with how the meat industry is handled. We are constantly feeding and growing the animals, which is not healthy for them at all. The population of meat can not keep up with the human race which forces the farmers to override feed the livestock just to keep up. By eliminating this process us that is both hurting the livestock and us, in-vitro meat will take out all the effects that meat has today and make it

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