Essay on Dbms And Database Management Systems

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DBMS or database management systems is a number of programs that work with the data inside the database to create a relationship between the business and the valuable information collected. To fully understand database management systems you first need to understand the basic components of those systems. DBMS rely on two basic structures, big data and databases. Big Data is referring to a large amount of information that has been collected for a business or industry, and also the ability to sift through that information and reveal only the valuable data that can be used for that particular industry. To be successful in today’s world every business needs to be able to collect a large sum of information from their clients so that they can sort through it and have the most accurate and valuable information on their consumers. And because people are growing in numbers, they are producing more data every day.
A database is the valuable information you have collected that has now been organized for the needs of the business or industry it belongs to. Because data is growing with the size of the population it’s important to understand that businesses need to keep up with the sheer amount of information being pulled in. To sort and collect all the information on their consumer’s takes time since it is massive, but not all of the data is collected by those databases. Unstructured data or the information that doesn’t fit the traditional mold of the information collected by the…

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