David Bowie Influence

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Influences, by Bowie David Bowie influenced many people, but these are just the famous people who he influenced. David Bowie influenced Syd Barrett (who is now insane) , Kraftwerk, The Beatles, and William Burroughs. David Bowie was very inspirational, his ,music and style helped shape people like The Beatles the way they are today! Bowie also influenced the artist James Murphy. Murphy talked about David’s influence to him after his passing, and you can even hear Bowie’s influence on him through his music.
Leather Jackets, Stylish Shoes, You Name It! David Bowie’s Style was a huge role in his music career. David Bowie wore anything from leather jackets, costumes, and a very famous one that people know him for, is Ziggy Stardust. Ziggy Stardust
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David Bowie would play with many famous bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The King Bees. He even played with one band called The Konrads, but then left to go play with another. The musician even played with solo artist Stevie Ray Vaughan. He also recorded his album “Let’s Dance” with Stevie Ray Vaughan on guitar.
The Moral of his Music
David Bowie had meaning in all of his songs. For an example, in Space Oddity, it talks about how he is getting ready to go to the moon. In the middle of the song, it tells how something is going wrong. A lyric in his song was, “Ground Control to Major Tom, there’s something wrong, the circuits dead, can you hear me Major Tom?”. Overall, meaning and understanding the meaning played a huge part in his songs and music career.

Off The Charts!
David Bowie made many, many famous songs. A lot of them included Ziggy Stardust, Space Oddity was one of them. The Man Who Sold The World was another one of his big hits that he made, and became even bigger when the band Nirvana covered it. One of his others was a hit called Ziggy Stardust. Everyone probably knows that Ziggy Stardust was his main character, but he made a song about him because of how much of a legend that he made

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