Essay on Dave Ramsey 's Positive Effect On My Life

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Dave Ramsey’s Positive Effect on My Life
Dave Ramsey has made a big impact on the way I look at my future life and money decisions. Taking his class has opened my eyes to the importance of financial awareness. Before I took his class I didn 't know the difference between a grant and a scholarship, and before I took his class this didn 't strike me as a problem. I now know the difference between a scholarship and a grant, and I have a better understanding of how to finance my future. This is all thanks to Dave Ramsey.
Dave Ramsey is my money idol. What I look up to the most about Dave is the fact that he made major money mistakes but instead of letting those mistakes control the rest of his life he conquered them. Dave became wealthy at a young age, but due to his irresponsible money decisions he soon filed for Bankruptcy. He did not accept debt and defeat as how his life would be from then on. Instead, Dave picked himself back up and put everything into getting out of debt. Dave and his wife realized they would have to live like no one else now, to LIVE like no one else later. This means Dave and his family had to make sacrifices and prioritize to save up enough money to pay off their debts. I have enormous respect for Dave because as we all know sacrifice is not easy nor fun. Sacrifice takes self-discipline and the want to succeed and Dave has both of the qualities. After Dave had paid off his debt he didn 't stop there. Dave continued to be smart with his money and is…

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