Database Management Systems ( Dbms ) Essay examples

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Definition of Data: The term data is known as representation of objects, events which are stored and recorded in the computer and the data exists in a variety of forms such as values, variables and numbers and so on etc.
EX: The database in a hospital contains data such as name of the patient, address, disease and contact number.
Definition of Database:
The term database is determined as data collection in an organized manner and every data present is related to each other in some other way.
Definition of Database Management Systems (DBMS):
DBMS is a software that consists of collection of programs that are used to maintain and control the database. The main purpose of DBMS is to construct the database for the creation of application and provides the capacity to store and retrieve more than textual and numeric data.
Major requirements of data types:
The major requirements of the data types are multimedia objects like noise, image and video clips etc and other higher data types that requires special storage, content management, data maintenance.
Requirements for data storage:
The data storage for multimedia objects such as images, sound, video have large size so that they require a huge date to store.
Retrieval of data:
Objects like Multimedia are very difficult to store, locate and more over this process needs a specialized software which is not available in relational DBMS.
Maintenance of data:
Conventional relational data are very efficient, but multimedia objects needs to…

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