Data Modeling Concepts Essay

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Data Modeling Concepts
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Data Modeling Concepts
Following document explains what are data models and the importance of data model. Building a good data model helps organizations in software development, data base design and product maintenance. The document explains the theory, even if it looks like the organizations are spending substantial amount of resources on developing data models, but still it helps organization, keeping the costs low and build a better product.
Database constitutes of data structures and is represented by conceptual data structures. Data models are abstract models which is required to define how data can be consumed and put to effective use. The main reason why construction of data model is required
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Data Modeling in the Context of Database Design
Database design includes logical and physical structures of single or several databases to house the information required in an organization for a defined set of business applications. The database design process normally has following five stages: * Analysis and Planning * Conceptual design * Logical design * Physical design * Implementation
Designing of data model is normally step two that is conceptual design process. Designers normally analyze the business model and high level business functions and plan before drawing the conceptual design. Other model is object model which normally represents different isolated business processes in a database. Design of data models deals on what type of data will be stored in the database, where as object model represents how the data will be processed to handle business functions. In the context of the RDBMS, primary focus of creating data model is to design the relational tables and prime focus of creating object model is to design the tables based on business functions which will be used to access and perform operations on these tables.
Components of a Data Model
Data model is generally developed with following three key elements. * Configuration items * Data items * Relationship items
Configuration items includes all complex elements that are required for functioning of business such

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