Data Model Is Not Good For Early Prototypes Essay example

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 These data model is most efficient ciompared to that of row oriented systems.
 These serves as a great storing event information.
 It uses the tags links etc for storing the blog entries in distinct columns.
 It is used for calculating analytics for the purpose of counting and categorizing the visitors page.
 This provides the expiring columns functionality.

 This contains the limited query options.
 It needs high effects at the time of updating the lists.
 Among all the row oriented systems while accessing the columns it is the less efficient one.
 It is not useful for systems which needs the ACID transactions for read and write operations.
 Modification of schema is an expensive task so it is not good for early prototypes.

Cassandra comprises the basic unit called as column which contains a name value pair in which name behaves as a key and every respective key pair is a single column and timestamp is used for storing it.These time stamp values are used to solve the conflicts occur during write operations and many other things.
Row is defined as a collection of columns where as the column family is defined as the collection of similar rows grouped together.In relational database management sysems each and every clumn family is compared with the rows in which key is used for the identification of row and every row consists of the multiple number of columns.
Distinct nodes may not need to have same columns andthese are added to rany ows…

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