Informative Essay: The Dangers Of Alternative Medicine

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The Dangers of Alternative Medicine For as long as modern medicine has existed, people who do not trust in it have followed. Most have met someone of this sort, people who believe that doctors are dangerous and untrustworthy are everywhere. With the rise of social media, they try to convince the world that vaccines are dangerous and how we must use mystery herbs to cleanse our bodies of invisible toxins. This distrust in modern medicine puts oneself and others at risk in many ways. Of the ways to use alternative medicine, the least concerning must be its use in conjunction with conventional treatments. This situation, however, does not have zero risks. In one study done on cancer patients using complementary alternative medicines (CAMs), 72% did not inform their physician of its use (Werneke, et al). While some remedies would do no harm in this situation, other herbs and supplements have side effects that can interfere with treatments. “For instance, garlic and cod liver oil have anticoagulant effects, and remedies acting on the …show more content…
In many countries, the US included, there is little to no regulation set on the producers of alternative therapies. When studied, some products contained vastly differing amounts of the substance claimed, or an entirely different species altogether (Falkenberg, et al). Since the use of CAMs is far too ingrained in our culture to cease entirely, the regulation of supplements is necessary for the health of those who use them. Users of these therapies will likely oppose regulation by the same standards as the modern medicine they so doubt. This is similar to the opposition of smokers in the 1950’s to the findings that cigarettes did, in fact, contribute to the prevalence of lung cancer (Ernst and Singh 33). Neither of these parties are willing to let go of the false concept of safety they have been promised over the

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