Danger Of Technology Essay

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The Dangers of Technology
Technology is becoming a huge part in societies today and is steadily growing around the world. Most of the time technology is intended to do good for people, but other times, technology creates problems, and can lead to negative outcomes. Humans have become very dependent on technology and that dependency will only grow as time moves on. While the people described in “The Machine Stops” and the people today can be compared through a discussion of the technology available to each-communication, entertainment, transportation, and daily life, both groups of people share the potential of technology control.
Communication plays a big role in both “The Machine Stops” and in today’s world. The people in “The Machine Stops”
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The people in “The Machine Stops” do not have many forms of transportation, while today, people can get to any place they want to in a number of different ways. In “The Machine Stops,” if someone wants to go across a great distance, they have to use an underground train to travel to the airport. From there, they can board an air ship and travel across the globe. Vashti says, “The air ship barely takes two days to fly between me and you,” to Kuno who is on the other side of the world. Similarly, planes today are fast and can travel very long distances in shorts amounts of time. People typically use their cars to travel to the airport similar to how the people in “The Machine Stops” use the train. There are also subways that many people in big city’s use. Subways are almost exact copies of the underground trains in “The Machine Stops.” There are also boats to use if someone needs to travel by the water, which the people in “The Machine Stops” do not …show more content…
The people in “The Machine Stops” use food delivery to have food ready for them whenever they need it. Their beds are all the exact same size and feel the same, and they all are in the wall until a button is pushed for the bed to come out. When a person is sick, The Machine evaluates them where they are and they get medicine to treat their illness. Today, if people want food delivery, they have to call someone to have them deliver it to their house. While the people in “The Machine Stops” all have the same exact beds, people today have different size beds that all feel differently from each other. The Machine does not recognize the differences in people and therefore thinks that every person is the same. Usually, when someone is sick today, they will go to their doctor to find out what is wrong with them and the doctor will tell the person what they can do to fix it. The Machine can recognize the sickness that a person has and instantly provide that person with the medication needed to heal

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