Danforth And John Proctor In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The effect of the talk between Sarah and Tituba was that both Sarah and Tituba confessed to witchcraft and so they had to keep their “act” up because they know Herrick is going to jail. Miller included it because it was his way of knowing who was lying and who wasn't lying.
Parris changes because he is usually the one to protect his reputation, but this time he didn't try to protect it. The news does not affect the court's decision because they don't want to actually admit that this whole time they were wrong for what they been doing. Danforth is a victim of his own logic because Danforth prioritizes something that seems off , over the reality of possible innocence.
Hale returned because he wanted to see if he can fix what he was part of which was the big problem. He changed because he seems more full of himself since he got back. He handles things completely different. He changed because he is trying to get people to confess just to save their lives.
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She changed towards John because now she is more distant from him. She doesn't take Hale's advice because she knows John is strong and will not give up his reputation.
Giles dies because he was pressed to death. He died because he refused to answer the court when they asked him questions. He wasn't hanged because they was trying to make him confess by pressing him. If he confessed, he would have been hanged.
Proctor confessed because he wanted to protect his wife Elizabeth. He does not say any names because he doesn't want people going after him so he says no names to take all the pressure off of him. Proctor does not give him the paper because he wanted to protect his name and his reputation.
John Proctor chooses to hang because he did not want to live any longer because he was trying to get his name and dignity back. He accomplishes self-respect and

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