Dancing House Essay example

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Title of Building: Dancing House

Name of Architect: Frank Gehry

Date Completed: 1996

Illustration of Work:

Frank Gehry. Dancing House. Prague, Czech Republic. http://www.columbia.edu/~beecher/prague/Dancing_House/0600/dancing_building_1.html.

Part 1: Description of This Building

Dancing House by Frank Gehry, was a building that was started in 1992 and was finished in 1996. The building obviously resembling a couple dancing, was first named after Fred Astair and Ginger Rodgers, two of Hollywood’s dancers from the 1930s (Favermann). At the top of the building sit’s a French Restaurant, with the remaining buildings being office buildings. Construction is from 99 concrete panels each of different shape and dimension,
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Lastly, there are several long columns that appear to be her legs as she leans romantically towards her partner as they dance. The second section of the building has a more masculine feel to it, leading us to believe that it is the male figure of the couple. This can be seen in the way he holds his partner closely and with his back towards the water, dances with her, leading her around the other side of the building. One may also notice some what of a ledge towards the middle section of the buildings, that looks like the arms of the couples as they hold tightly to one another. Normally one would not expect to find a building like this, however it brings about a pleasant feeling to several viewers that have had the privilege to see it. That warm, yet silly feeling one gets when they see this building, is exactly what post modern architects were going for. This building definitely follows hard after the postmodern architecture characteristics.

Part 3: What The Critics Think

The unusual shape and technical solutions of the Dancing House caused a big public debate (Dancing House). Many felt that it did not go with the look or feel of the buildings that surrounded it. Some critics, like Simonetta Carbonaro, have called the building a ‘Dancing Palace,' 'a new jewel of the city's architecture [...] that is adding a new aspect to its history’ ( Dancing Building in Prague). Josef Singldinger's comments

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