Senior Dance Performance

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The 7:00 pm showing of the Senior Dance Concert comprised of six dances. These performances were one of a kind in their own specific manner, however, they were all hard to understand. The piece comprised of different movements and themes. The first dance was called "Synastry." This piece begins exceptionally dim. The majority of the entertainers are wearing distinctive types of clothing. The music in this piece helps me to remember music you would hear in a thriller movie, for example, Halloween. The movement of the piece was robotic now and again. The movements went from quick to moderate, with the dancers in and out of the entire performance.
The second performance was titled “From Me, To You.” This dance performance was a solo act performed by a female dancer. There was no music involved in this piece, just a commentary
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This piece started out with no sound, then you start to hear voices taking in the background, and birds chirping. The lighting in this performance was blue and dark, I would explain the movements to be very different and odd. The sixth and final piece was “Conductress.” Conductress was a solo act performed by a girl. What I found unique about this performance was that there was a band in the piece. The solo dancer was controlling the beat of the music. This piece was jazzy, and I enjoyed it.
A single reference that refers to the world outside the performance was in the performance of “Cry Out,” this is the one performance that I felt people all over the world could connect with. This dance, in my opinion, was about someone who is ill, this could be someone with anxiety, or depression, for example, who is trapped and can’t break free. There are tons of people that can relate to those types of mental illness, I sure know I can. Everything from the movements, sounds, lighting, and the look in the performers eyes, illuminated the performance as a

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