Dance Is A Living And Fleeting Art Form Essay

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As stated before in our first lecture, dance is a living and fleeting art form. I believe that dance is a living art form because it is a three-dimensional picture to art. What I mean by this is that, art is normally seen on walls or as sculptures, but dance is an amazing opportunity to view art while in movement. If you are anything like me, when I look at a painting of two people or many, I always wonder what it would be like to see them actually dancing, singing, or even laughing. By watching dance, it is my living art form. You can see the colors of the attire worn by the dancers, the sound of music while the dancers dance, and the love of what they do through their faces, but it is fleeting because dance only happens once. You can never see the same performance twice. It will be different every time, whether it is different dancers on stage or a slight change in the music, but that’s why I like dance because though it is never the same, the emotion you will feel while watching this live art being danced in front of you will forever be the same. The audience should consider itself to be a full member of a dance production because they are what keeps dance performances going. The audience pays for the tickets which in turn helps pay for the props, the attire of the dancers, the stage crew, the dancers themselves, and more. Without an audience there would be no performances. Also, while the audience plays an important role in the performance, there are a few…

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