Essay On Substance Abuse Case Study

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Reason for Assessment

After reading the case study for Jason, several areas in his file attracted attention. He has had past DUIs and continues on his path, using alcohol. He does not seem to understand that there is an issue or is simply denying it. He is currently in the treatment facility following a DUI.
Indicators of Use/Abuse/Dependency

Including only the last 12 months, Jason’s alcohol use has contributed to run-ins with law enforcement, difficulties in his marriage, and lack of responsibility to his home and parental duties. He has experienced failed attempts to slow or cease his alcohol use, expressing increased tolerance by continuing to increase his intake, and still uses alcohol despite the many issues surrounding him.
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He does have “buddies”. People from his place of employment that he associates with, mostly when drinking. The client has two boys ages 6 and 8, and has been married for 10 years. His father, whom he says was abusive toward him, his mother and his brother, heavily used alcohol until his death. A death that likely occurred as a result of alcohol. Jason reported that the abuse he and his brother endured was physical, and the abuse toward his mother was more verbal. The client is not close to the members of his family that remain. He only visits church on Easter and Christmas, in spite of the religious devotion of his …show more content…
If he is found guilty again, his punishment may be more severe, but his level of alcohol consumption may reach fatal levels in a failed coping attempt. He has difficulty, not only coming to terms with his own use, but hearing what others think of his habits. Discovered through various types of research, his dependence “is a complex genetic disease” (Edenberg & Foroud, 2013). Reviewing the information on what he thinks of help groups and his continued use, it’s safe to conclude that he may need, not only psychological therapy, but possibly homeopathic or pharmaceutical care. Since he is the primary income for the home, inpatient help may not be feasible. Unfortunately, a spiritual approach at first, may cause him to reject treatment. It will have to be integrated very

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