Drinking Problem

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According to a study by the American Bar Association, one out of three practicing lawyers have a drinking problem. This may be because 19 percent of lawyers have symptoms of anxiety and a further 28 percent have depression. Due to the stress that lawyers face on a daily basis, it is unsurprising that alcohol addiction has become a problem. While alcoholism is a problem, there are new options for alcohol treatment for lawyers. Evidence based treatment programs offer an alternative to the traditional 12-step program. Offered by medical innovators like Alavida, these programs work to change the habit of drinking. Every habit is learned, and lawyers can unlearn their drinking problems through private alcohol treatment.

Identifying the Problem
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While many developed a drinking habit during law school, 44 percent started drinking in the first 15 years of their career. It is impossible to know for sure why this problem occurs, but the added stress of working in a law office is often an initial cause. Graduating with significant student debt or having problems finding a job can increase a lawyer 's likelihood of developing a drinking problem.

The Reasons Behind the Problem

Since Alcoholics Anonymous was found in 135, it has been the go-to treatment option for alcoholics. Many doctors and treatment centers believe in AA without questioning its efficacy. In reality, Alcoholics Anonymous has a success rate of about 5 to 10 percent. While this treatment is effective for a minority of alcoholics, 90 percent of people with a drinking problem are not finding success with the program.

In Alavida 's new program, there is a 78 percent success rate in ending problem drinking. The evidence based treatment relies on behavioral modification and naltrexone to end alcoholism. Naltrexone is known for being a pleasure-suppressing medication that removes the buzz of pleasure from drinking. Normally, alcohol works by hijacking the brain 's reward system. As a result, alcoholics seek out more and more drinks to feel the same
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Instead, it focuses on removing the addictive aspect of drinking. Instead of being an alcoholic, individuals are able to relearn drinking as a normal social behavior and avoid overindulgence.

Unlike typical treatment programs, this option does not require people to attend meetings or go to alcohol rehab. Instead, lawyers can take part in the program from the comfort of their home. Clients, colleagues and employers never learn about the drinking habit as the lawyer uses medication and behavioral treatment to modify their drinking habits.

With behavioral therapy, individuals receive counseling that helps them to decrease their alcohol consumption. Based on a cognitive-behavioral framework, this treatment works with the naltrexone to change how people respond to alcohol. When combined together, these two treatments encourage new, healthier habits to form around

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