DMAIC (Define, Analybility And Quality Of Route Management

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A leading environmental services company is offering service to collect, process and recycle the materials for industrial and automotive customers has been facing problems with route management and the quality of route services. To enhance the feasibility and quality of the service that it provides the firm has adopted the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) practice. The company has strived to maximize time and fuel efficiency and better quality on the services with an ultimate goal of reducing its freight expenditure and optimize routing. In an effort to upgrade its operations the company has applied the DMAIC methods on a third party tool TMS and has seen significant improvement.
The company essentially followed the process
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Any discrepancy could always be reported and the time gap present before making the travel can be used to make timely and proper decisions about the route by getting the service representatives involved in the review process. Similarly giving more importance to the geocodes as measure of estimates and taking efforts to find the address data by interacting with the customer to get higher valued geocodes and make right routes and publish schedules for departures and arrivals within a branch. I would also like to mention that there needs to be other programs like interconnectivity within branches if they are located close to each other as only the number of trips count for the performance of the branch, which means a shipping carrier from a different branch can take a pick of an adjacent branch if the customer information is shared, this can definitely bring more savings and better efficiency. And another thing would be to use contractors who reside in the location surrounding the client who can give a detail about the real time situation about the travel and weather and material data (load and dimension) and other information so that the environmental services can be well equipped and make a decision on a go or no-go basis to make the trip. Other programs could include scouts, who can use public …show more content…
It has proved that efficient routing and return on investment on the TMS has paid off at least partially and there is a lot to achieve and there need to be more programs and process that needs to be developed to turn this partial and marginal success to a bigger one and save more on time and fuel efficiency and freight expenditure as well. To conclude I suggest there should be documentation of every stage and it should be reported to manager. Manager who has got six sigma certification should be employed in order to make the process more easily. Improvements which has taken place needs to be noted and further analysis is

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