Cyp 3.4 Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety

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1. Can you describe what risks you have to think about when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services, give 5 examples.

a. The first thing to do is read the risk assessment folders for the student/students involved in the activity. It is necessary to ensure the activity is safe and appropriate for all the students and staff involved. For example if one of the students was not safe to be near water it would not be safe to include that student on a trip that involved being on or in water of any description, like a trip to the beach.
It would also be necessary to check details such as if one of the students is likely to target or bully a particular peer. This information can be included in his risk
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The risk assessment folder is made available to all staff members at all times so that all risks can be checked before all routines are carried out.

Risk assessments are continuously undertaken - from arriving at work, checking the outdoor area, entering the building - checking that, the equipment, safety of children , safety in all areas - play - indoors and out, kitchen/food preparation, toilets.

How do you monitor it - every time you do your routine - if it's all working, you continue it, if something crops up and you feel a change/adaptation of your routine is needed - well that's your monitoring, you assessed/evaluated it and changed it and will monitor it to see if the new system/method is good for safety.

Regular practises of drills and routines such as fire drills allow us to monitor/change/implement routines as necessary.

3. Who is responsible for health and safety at your site and who is responsible for guidance and planning of a healthy and safe environment and practices?

Everyone is responsible for risk assessment monitoring and reviewing. The committee may have an annual review of all policies and procedures to see if everything is still relevant/up to date. The setting may also change/adapt or add to policies and procedures

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