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The Cyclone Event
Cyclone Megi, or locally know as a typhoon, was first reported as a cyclone at around halfway though October 16 2010. It continued in a north west direction, at around the end of October 16 2010 Megi was upgraded to a category 4 cyclone. For the entirety of October 17 2010 Megi was a level 5 cyclone, the most powerful level. At approximately 11:25 am on the 18th of October 2010 cyclone Megi, currently at a category 5, hit Isabela province. As shown in figure 1.2. The island of Luzon, which is the larger land mass at the most northern part of the Philippines, was were the cyclone hit and did the most damage. Figure 1.0 shows the area were Megi first made landfall. The province of Isabela

Prior to the cyclone actually hitting, Isabela and surrounding area felt strong winds, heavy rain and 32 ft swell. But all these pre weather was nothing compared to when the storm actually hit.
Cyclone Megi is called a super typhoon because it had winds exceeding 220 kph, or a category 5 cyclone. The name Megi is Korean for catfish. The cyclone had a diameter of 600Km, cyclone Tracy had a diameter of roughly 100km. The cyclone sustained winds of 250 kph for 10 minutes.

The Impacts and Risks

After cyclone Megi had passed over the Philipeense on the 19th of October 2010, a trail of death and destruction was revealed. This category 5 cyclone damaged 118,174 houses and destroyed 30,048 homes. The most affected area was Isabela, which was hit with the front of the storm.…

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