Cycle Of Bullying

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Ending the Cycle of Bullying Bullying is an extremely harmful act in schools around the country as well as online and with cellphones. Not only does bullying ruin a child’s self-esteem, but it can also turn into a life threatening situation. If the pain from being bullied isn’t dealt with it can lead to bullycides as well as school shootings depending on if the victim implodes or explodes as a last resort. What can be done to end bullying? There are many proposed solutions including prevention of bullying at a school level with parent and teacher training and involvement as well as creating a national law to coincide with the states legislation and policies. Bullying can be ended with education, increased awareness, training and involvement …show more content…
Another form of prevention is in education for our victims and bystanders teaching them how to stick up for themselves. In the book Stick Up for Yourself, Kaufman, Raphael, and Espeland recommend that parents teach their children to know who they are and what they stand for as well as controlling their feelings and ignore triggers like bullying. Children need to be taught to stay calm, tell the bully to stop in a strong voice, and walk away getting an adult involved instead of ignoring the bully. It is important for kids to be taught how to reflect on the importance of their actions, learn how to see things from another point of view, take a stand and action, and to be tolerant of everyone no matter their differences. Students also need to realize how important the role of bystanders can be and how much difference one bystander turning into a witness can do. “The cycle of violence can be interrupted… when even one person has the moral strength and courage to speak up and stand out” (Coloroso 71). Most kids fail to see that their action can lead to victim retaliation and suicides so if students are educated on bullying and the seriousness of bullying it can help prevent …show more content…
She says more often than not teachers overlook bullying to focus on the academics to get funding, but if the students are being bullied and skipping school to avoid bullying the academics are affected and it becomes a school problem. She discusses how taunting and aggression are viewed as normative behaviors because we condone it and that prevention has not been seen as the teacher’s job but bullying prevention experts say that teachers support is the best intervention against bullying. If we gave the difficult kids more help and label them less, the victims can be helped instead of ignored resulting in their healing. She believes that respect and tolerance have to be taught all year long and it is a life-long skill needed in the real world. “Learning can only take place to the extent that students feel safe” (Goldman 199). If we want our youth to grow up to be positive contributing members of society we need to make sure they feel safe and can focus on their

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