Cybercrime : A New Form Of Crime Essay

1246 Words Sep 14th, 2014 5 Pages
The continuing technological revolution in communications and information exchange over the past years has led to a growth in a new form of crime, cybercrime. Hence, criminals across the globe have invented various ways to use computer technology for theft, fraud as well as harassment. According to Holder and Jaishankar (2011, cited in Tiganoaia, 2013), cybercrime is defined as “an offence that is committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally cause physical or mental damages, using modern telecommunication networks such as the internet and mobile devices”. Since the late seventies, cybercrime has been apparent, and it has progressively evolved into a more invasive crime. There is no doubt that global cybercrime has become a significant issue. As government offices and corporations are emphatically becoming the first target of cyber-attacks, the costs to protect, maintain and restore cyber framework have risen rapidly. The center for strategic and international studies (2014) estimates that the potential cost of the global economy from cybercrime may reach more than 400 billion annually, including losses and costs for restoration and protection. Consequently, the strategies to reduce the crime are difficult to implement, although not impossible. A reduction of cybercrime could be achieved by increasing levels of network security and enforcing strict laws. This essay will first discuss network security measures, and how it…

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