Cyberbullying Over Time Has Become A Big Problem Essay examples

1436 Words Nov 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Cyberbullying over time has become a big problem than what it normally was ad needs to be. Because of all the technology that we now a day have, cyberbullying has become more frequent than usual. This means that more victims feel less safe in their own home, because of the reason being that it normally takes place at home. No individual should feel like they are not worthy enough or that they are just simple trash to the world, every single human being has a purpose and a reason in this world. Regardless, people should never feel like they are alone or that their feelings do not matter. On the other hand, when internet users cyber bully other users, that is how the victims feel; lonely, sad, afraid and unsafe. No one in society should encounter to feel this way because later it brings up consequences that they might have to deal for the rest of their lives. Cyberbullying happens in every social media that can be named, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Regardless of the social network, you name it and there is eventually bullying happening. Cyberbullying is starting to become a greater situation as time is going by and social networking and the internet play an enormous role as more and more situations like these are happening. People and especially users need to notice when a situation like this occurs and need to act upon the problem and do something about it instead of just watching and staying quiet. Make a difference and something about it by…

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