Essay about Cyberbullying Is A Growing Issue

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Cyberbullying is a growing issue that is rapidly affecting children all around the world. Along with its rapid growth, it is affecting the lives of children drastically. New cases of online bullying are developing worldwide, and there are recurring disputes of who should take authority, parents or schools. Despite the idea that schools should take authority of these cases because of a child 's interactions with other children in school, it is a parent’s responsibility to protect their children by taking full authority of cyberbullying cases. Parents have more authority of their children, a stronger emotional connection and personal connection, and can help prevent further cyberbullying.
Parents have more authority of their children, than a school does, and therefore they must have the authority to handle their child’s cyberbullying case. Since parents have obligation over their children, it is their responsibility to protect and interfere in the case, to help resolve it. Under parental constitution, it is a parent’s duty to take obligation of their child’s actions as it is a form of good parenting (Patchin 1). Through the laws we can better understand the fact that parents are held accountable for their children and their actions. In addition to having authority of their children, parents have the ability to monitor their kids for a longer period of time and discipline their children more strictly and effectively, as compared to schools. Parents will create boundaries and…

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