Cyberbullying : Article And On Preventing Bullying Essay

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Bullying has been around in the United States of America for quite some time. It started as a stereotypical thing such as a student taking a smaller students lunch money. The issue has now turned into students hating other students and causing serious problems in our society such as suicide and depression. Laws have been put in place to try and stop some of these cases where bullying is causing such serious outcome. Many people in this society wonder if authority, such as administrators and police, have gone to far. Thomas Billitteri’s “Cyberbullying” article and his “Preventing Bullying” article agree on many points including the fact that laws are needed to fight bullying, whether or not the violate constitutional rights, and both articles use the rhetorical principle of pathos the express the effects that have happened because of this very important issue. In Thomas Billitteri’s “Preventing Bullying”, he speaks about a college student who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge because he had been bullied. This is not the only example Billitteri gives about the outcome of bullying but it is the one who strikes the audience. The student was in college, therefore proving that bullying happens everywhere including universities and in the workplace. Billitteri also talks about the laws for against bullying, specifically whether or not new laws are needed or not. The article speaks on the laws that are in action but also states “Others worry that some state laws…

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